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Our Food

Our Shops

Avonlea Village Artisans

There is no entrance fee to Avonlea Village!

With 5 different restaurants on site, Avonlea offers something for every palate.

Dave’s Lobster – the ultimate Lobster Roll made with 4 oz. of Prince Edward Island Lobster

Samuel’s Coffee House has fresh roasted coffee and espresso and a menu of homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts that would make Grandma envious.

MOO MOO Grilled Cheese slow roasts PEI meats and produce and grills them with COWS award winning cheeses and butter.

BOOM Burger is the place to go for the best burger and fries on the Island. After all, the patties are made with 100% fresh Island beef, the buns are grilled with COWS CREAMERY butter, the cheeseburgers are topped with COWS CREAMERY extra old cheddar and of course the fresh cut fries are made from PEI potatoes

And if you’d like to try an authentic, Neapolitian menu, Piatto Pizzeria offers incredible tastes of Italy.

Avonlea was the fictitious name that Author, L.M.Montgomery gave to vendish. In addition to the original schoolhouse she taught in, the Minister’s residence and the 1872 Historic Long River Church, Avonlea Village offers replitions of houses and shops from the time of Anne of Green Gables.

Dogs on leash welcome!

Be sure to check out:

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